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Quantum NLP Practitioner Certification Training 2011   1 comment

August 20th and 21st

September 17th and 18th

October 15th and 16th

November 19th and 20th

What You Will Get
Your Quantum NLP Practitioner Certification program includes:
  • 64 hours of classroom training, covering the certification requirements
  • Training Material Binder
  • Guidance and Mentorship from specific training assistant
  • Online Study Group membership
  • Practice Sessions membership
  • One-on-one coaching discount package
  • Alumni Club membership
  • During the 64 hour Certification Training we will first visit the basic models and the General Frame of Neuro Linguistic Programming, before we dive into the Quantum world of NLP!
  • As you integrate the Quantum NLP principles you learn how to tap into your Quantum State, and develop your intuition and perception beyond the known five senses.
  • You are able to create deep connections with others and use language patterns that elevate the system to higher consciousness.
  • You call in your own council and gather resources by bridging time and space as you get to write a new chapter in your life.
  • You change beliefs by transforming and letting go of personal, ancestrial and cultural experiences that held you back in the past.
  • And you manifest your dreams by creating the appropriate support structure that helps you to accomplish your goals.
The total cost for the training is $ 1995.00, a deposit of $ 395.00 and 4 payments of $ 400.00 (starting in August and ending in November 2011).
Tuition is $ 1895.00 when signed up before July 31st, 2011.
We are proud sponsors of the “Transformation Station” in Salt Lake City, and hold our trainings at their Training Center at the 970 East Plaza, 3300 South 970 East # 2, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106, USA.
Training Time
each day from 9.30 am – 6.30 pm, 90 minutes lunch and two breaks
Training Style
The training is designed to fit your individual learning style. Your comfort is very important to us. Bring layers of clothing and your own chair or cushion if necessary, moving around the training room is encouraged. Each concept will be taught through demonstrations and exercises. Your active participation is key to the classroom experience.
Practice Sessions
Practice Sessions are free of charge and highly recommended as a way to continue to practice and refine the skills taught in the training. Attending five practice sessions is required for Certification.
Online Study Group
The online study group is free of charge for students. You will receive a weekly e-mail with a specific skill.
In addition to the trainer there are also training assistants that are here to help you to have a great experience. They have completed the program in the past, and will assist you by facilitating practice sessions, giving you useful feedback and managing the logistics. They are here to help you achieve your goals in participating, and will be acting as coach/consultants to you. They will be learning NLP along with you at a different level, and will have their own learning goals for the training.
Certification Requirements
  1. Attendance: A minimum of 56 hours of training. Missed days can be made up in later trainings. A provisional certification will be given until attendance requirement is being met.
  2. A minimum of five practice sessions.
  3. Financial completion: Certificates will be issued upon individual completion of financial agreements.
  4. Skills: Demonstration to an observer of the principles and processes of Quantum NLP, with the ability to follow a set of steps towards a desired goal.
Your Trainers
Christiane Turner
Author and International NLP Trainer, Coach, and Consultant
Christiane Turner has been perfecting her training and coaching skills for two decades and is an international NLP Trainer, Coach and Consultant. Her Audio book: Thought into Manifestation, came out in 2007 in the “Your Coach in a Box” label by Gildan Media, the book version is currently in the publishing process. Her Audio book: From personal to global transformation hit the market in 2009 and her newest project with her longtime friend and collaborator Jan Magner Treasure Mapping – with Feng Shui and NLP just got published in 2010.
Christiane is the founder of Quantum NLP LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah, which offers high integrity Training, Coaching and Consulting. She is a natural teacher – her dynamic combination of strength and gentleness helps her to lead clients and groups to break-through change. Christiane is a leader who highly values community building and has initiated and organized community projects, as for example the annual “New Consciousness EXPO” in Salt Lake City since 2005, and the “Law of Attraction Club”, which started in 2006.
Most of her extensive NLP Training was in conjunction with Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith and Robert Dilts, as she also worked at the Anchor Point Institute with Tim and Suzi during her study years. In 1995 she opened her own NLP business and became a full time NLP Trainer in 1999. Christianes’ background is in Linguistics and Banking. She just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with her partner and husband Shawn and they have two sons, Gracen (11) and Maxian (8).
Jan Magner
NLP Trainer, Coach and Author
Jan Magner has been joyously collaborating with Christiane Turner since 1993. Their newest product “Treasure Mapping – With Feng Shui and NLP” was the result of many years of giving workshops and personal coaching sessions.
Jan loves to combine Ancient Wisdom with the modern technology of NLP, as well as the Law of Attraction.  Her dynamic, fun style works well when training groups, corporations, or one on one appointments.
Jan lives life to the fullest at the foot of the Beautiful Wasatch Mountains, in Salt Lake City, with her husband, Daughter and Son-in-Law, two grand children, two Basset hounds, and two cats!
Julie Keen
NLP Trainer, Awakening Professional
Julie Keen has been working passionately in the field of personal development for ten years. As a business owner and thriving entrepreneur, Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and application to Corporate America through practical training, and commerce consciousness. She is the founder and facilitator of Soul Purpose Prosperity, a venture that brings financial healing to the world of the healing arts.
Julie continuously refines an already dynamic skill set. She has trained under international behavioral skills experts through the NLP & Coaching Institute of California, and has been trained by Dr. Eric Pearl in Reconnective Healing. She has hands-on experience in hypnosis, and has been generously, professionally mentored by Christiane Turner. As a personal coach, Julie introduces her clients to a life-altering, signature healing modality that they can access easily, at any given moment.
Within this, she is a wife, mother of two, and caregiver to one dog, two cats and two parrots; all living consciously, abundantly, and colorfully in Ogden, Utah. Julie Keen inspires the spiritual awakening of others through electrifying seminars, workshops, products and face-to-face wellness sessions. She brings people to immediate consciousness through her vibrant window on the world.

Special Workshop: Introduction to Quantum NLP   Leave a comment

Special Workshop: Introduction to Quantum NLP
on May 7, 2011 at the Transformation Station

with Christiane Turner
Author - Quantum NLP Trainer & Coach

This workshop is for YOU when:
- You are open to exploring the idea that you are creating your own reality.
- You are claiming your own transformational journey.
- You want to make a contribution to the world.

Each person on the planet plays an important role in the global evolution of consciousness. Claim your part in this amazing journey as you learn:

- The basic principles, models and techniques of Quantum NLP
- Specific Quantum NLP Processes that you can use to help yourself and others

This is your chance to experience international author and trainer Christiane Turner live in this special workshop, that will change your view of reality. Guaranteed.

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

10.00 am - 5.00 pm
at the Transformation Station
3300 South 970 East
Salt Lake City, USA

Tuition: $ 75.00 pre-registration required - Limited Seating
This workshop will sell out, make sure to reserve your seat right away

To register and more information call (801) 979-4799 or send an e-mail to

Call us for questions and to register. This event will sell out, so make sure to reserve your seat as soon as possible.

Already looking forward to connecting with you,


Christiane Turner and
Your Quantum NLP Team
Introduction to Quantum Teleclass on April 19th, Workshop on May 7th, 2011
For more information call (801) 979-4799 or go to

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WHAT IF …. Part 2   1 comment

By envisioning the kind of world we dream of, we are taking the first step in co-creating our reality.

Yes, I know there is a lot of evidence right now on earth, that things might not be going too well for humanity at this point. And still, when we look at world history, we have been at this point many times before, when humanity had to make dramatic choices to rise above circumstances, and ultimately transform. That’s just part of evolution.
So, to put the whole situation into the Quantum NLP frame, allow me to invite you to entertain a possibility that is way beyond our normal way of thinking.
See, everything humanity has ever achieved – from our humble beginnings many thousands of years ago as homosapiens, all the way to our complicated societal structures, called modern civilization – has always started out with a vision, a dream, some kind of inspiration, or desire.
Any invention ever made, every manifestation in reality, and what we consider normal (like airplanes, cell phones, or the internet), has always first started out as an idea. Someone saying: “Hey, how about doing …..” or “Hey, how about creating….”
So, for a moment, lets step into that kind of mindset. Give yourself the chance, even if it’s just for a minute, to entertain the ideas you have about the kind of world you want to see in the next five to ten years.
What are you really dreaming of? And not just the goals you have for yourself personally. I’m talking about a vision that goes way beyond yourself. Your hopes for the planet, how we as humans take responsibility of being the stewards of this beautiful earth, how we are able to live together in peace, how we educate our children, take care of the sick, etc.
Give yourself a moment, and just dream. In your vision create the kind of planet you want to be part of. The kind of future, humanity can look back on in a hundred years, and see as a point of great transformation.
“Ah, remember in the beginning of the 21st Century, the great spiritual revolution, that really changed everything, when people started to realize their amazing capacity to proactively co-create their reality …. Ah, the good old days. I wished I could have been there, because that was the most exciting time…”
Take a deep breath, allow yourself to dream, just chill out for a moment – and trust, that your vision is a major part in being able to actually create the kind of future you are dreaming of.
Always remember, that your vision is the first step in creating the reality you dream of. Have fun dreaming!!!
Christiane Turner
August 2010
New Quantum NLP Classes starting in September 2010, make sure to reserve your seat.

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Tapping into Your Mentor   Leave a comment

Think of the special people in your life who have touched you in a profound way.

To start our exploration, tap into those people who have helped you in the physical world. They might have been your guides, inviting you to new places, new ideas. The gatekeepers, who opened doors for you, unknown to you before entering.
My list of gatekeepers is huge, when I think of all the modalities I have experienced in my lifetime so far. One of my favorite memories is my Dad playing the guitar and my Mom is singing, when I was a baby, instilling a deep love for music in me that has lasted all the way up until now. They both were my guides, opening a world to me that is deeply inspiring.
As you think about your past and what you have attracted to you, notice all the people opening doors for you, introducing you to new ideas, methods, skills and beliefs. Guides, who took you by the hand as they made you aware of new models of the world and enhanced your map of reality.
Lets pick one of those people – who has been your guide – who has opened doors for you – and with their permission – become them for a moment. Stepping into them and becoming them fully and completely, with their way of thinking, their resources, beliefs, everything that makes them special. Just notice, how it feels to be that person. And as that person, give a piece of advise to yourself as you are opening new doors of awareness right now. What can you – the guide and mentor – offer to the you who is the explorer?
Just listen as the words crystallize in your mind. Let them flow from you to the other you, receiving them fully and integrating them. As the mentor, you might say something like: “It is safe for you to explore and be open. Just trust yourself and pay attention to the signs the universe is sending to you.” Let any messages that are appropriate flow from the mentor to you. Make sure to step fully back into yourself and receive the words of wisdom from your mentor, who has opened doors for you in the past and is by your side again as your guide as you open new doors right now.
Fully absorb the advise and encouragement and breathe it in fully. Very nice. Well done.
Now think of the people in your life who have helped you learn new skills. Your teachers and coaches. The people who took the time to instruct you and help you build the strategies to become effective at the new behaviors and skills. For example, back in Germany, my English teacher in 8th grade was a specialist when it came to grammar and she made sure we learned English grammar inside out before moving on to literature. I am deeply grateful to her for her persistence in teaching me the structure of the English language as that background helped me tremendously when integrating myself in the American culture once I moved to the USA.
As you think about your teachers and coaches along your path, tune into those who made a great impact on you. Pick one of them, someone who you deeply admire for their skills and behaviors in the area you modeled from them. How did they influence you? What did you learn because of them? Notice the effect their teachings had on your life.
When you are ready, and with their permission, become one of your teachers and look back at you, the one who is transforming, growing and learning. What special piece of advise can you, the teacher and coach, offer to the you who is changing? Formulate the words and send them over, letting the other you know that as you have learned and integrated new information in the past successfully you will easily do it again with the new quest you are on.
You might say something like: “You learn so easily. You are so smart and brilliant. You can figure this out.” When the teacher has expressed their feedback and encouragement become yourself again fully and completely. Make sure you step back into your own shoes, and then receive the beautiful message from your mentor. That’s right.
Notice any difference in you as you now had the experience to receive feedback from two of your special mentors. Lets add one more person, a very special being who has touched you in the most profound and loving way possible. Someone who has awakened you, and encouraged your soul to show up in this world. A person who has deeply inspired you.
The very first person who comes to mind when I ask myself, is my husband Shawn. He saw my potential way back when and has awakened me to the co-creative quality of the universe, many years before those words ever became trendy and fashionable. In the past he would say things to me like: “You create your own reality.” and “Everything is possible as long as we believe it.”
Think of those people in your life, who brought something to you that was so profound and inspiring that it awakened you to a new level of being. Your perception shifted and everything was different from that moment on. You were able to show up in the world in a new and enhanced way. Your light was brighter and your purpose clearer than before.
Step into those moments and remember the people by your side. Those, who deeply inspired you and were the midwives in your rebirthing process. Become them and experience from their point of view, how magnificent the transformation is they get to witness in YOU.
As your mentors, take in the whole picture – of who you are. Beyond the physical body, what you can conceive with your senses, also go deeper and notice the aura, the field of energy around you, your connection to the universe, as a being of oneness with the universe, a manifestation of spirit in its most beautiful form. That .. Is you…
From the space of the mentors who have awakened you, let a message come to you, easily, like a river naturally flowing through a landscape. A message that is deeply inspiring, and encouraging you beyond any doubt or limitation you might encounter. A deep inner wisdom. Knowing yourself and knowing your connection with all that is.
Receive those gifts from your awakeners, teachers and guides, the people who have deeply inspired you and helped you on your path. As you are becoming yourself again, fully and completely, thank all of the people in your life who have touched you in a profound manner and helped you become who you are now.
Look around you and notice the amazing support system you have in place. All of your guides and mentors are with you all the time. Even if those people are not in the same place where you live. And some of the people who have moved on to the next plane. They are still with you as you hear their advise in your mind, have conversations with them, are able to ask them questions and can feel their hugs.
Think of the times when it is especially useful for you to remember your mentors advise and feedback. Give yourself the opportunity to tap into their encouragement as you grow and learn.
Now you have a firm foundation to stand on as you start exploring your relationship with yourself and your ancestors, all reflected in your personal health and wellbeing.

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Transforming Your Consciousness   Leave a comment

By you transforming your consciousness you transform the whole planet.
The world is changing so fast right now, and the rules that governed our societies a couple of generations ago, are not adequate anymore to fit our current circumstances and the issues we are facing globally.

A cultural paradigm shift always happens, by first a few people starting to think in a new way, and then that paradigm gets adopted by others around them, which then spreads to the rest of the community, just like recycling, which is now unthinkable not to do, and 20 years ago was a foreign word to most.

We as humans are now starting to perceive, that we live in a holographic universe, which means that our personal journey of transformation effects the larger system. We are all part of larger systems, like our families, our work environment, our community. And as we change ourselves, we automatically influence those people around us, who get to benefit from our transformation.

For those of you who already accept that way of thinking, the question becomes, how far do you want to go and immerse yourself into the quantum universe?

The more I research this subject, the more I realize how I am just scratching the tip of the iceberg, of what is possible for us as humans to experience and create.
This summer I wish you happy adventures on your own exploration journey!!!