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This was actually written a couple years ago — just wanted to share it again!

I imagine myself visiting my future self in a few years from now. How about going to the big date 20/12/2012, that so much talk is about, and looking back at January of 2008.

Being here in 2012 I am deeply grateful for the past 5 years that have been beyond my wildest imagination. Yeah, we had those dreams to turn around that freight train that was racing towards a huge cliff and a lot of us were really convinced that we could do it. What transpired was just absolutely amazing, when 2008 hit and all of a sudden a mass rising in consciousness happened. It was almost overnight. I had read about it years ago in the Tipping Point that that is how change happens, and still – it was absolutely beyond anything I could have imagined. Out of nowhere the energy started to feel different, people started to behave in new ways, international conflicts were solved, peace treaties that nobody expected were signed and the old system naturally accepted necessary reforms that served everybody. To this day scientists and economists are still figuring out all the key components to how such a massive global transformation could have happened. I know that beyond all the scientific data there is a very simple explanation for that amazing transformation humanity went through in the past 5 years. It’s just part of our natural evolution to raise our level of consciousness.

All the drama we went through was part of compelling us to take it to the next level. We were exactly like a three-year old who is growing out of throwing temper tantrums. I am deeply grateful to the people who held the vision, when it was just one of many possible outcomes. As I come back to January of 2008, I know that this is a very REAL possible future and already exists in the universe. I am committed to align all of my actions this year with this vision.


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