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Dear Community,
So, now that we are a month into the year 2011, and are celebrating Chinese New Year in February, my question to you becomes: “How are you doing with the goals you set for yourself for 2011? In case you know me well, you of course have heard about my Treasuremaps, mindmaps, myriad of flipcharts, journals and general listmaking addiction. I do believe in being specific with our goals, and putting in an appropriate amount of planning and proactive follow through.
That’s why I’m especially pleased to read Annette Pieper’s article “Give your Year a Theme”, where she gives detailed steps to proactively create a special Theme for the next 12 months. My relationship with Annette goes way back to the days, when she was already a life coach, and I had barely even heard of the word “life coach”. I admire her cutting edge approach to bridging practical life skills with spiritual aspects. Enjoy her article in the “Community Blog” series, where Quantum NLP highlights the people in the community, who are making a difference with their offering. Annette, you rock, and I’m looking forward to the great stories the readers will tell us about the Theme they pick for 2011. By the way, mine is: “I’m in the Vortex.” (inspired by Abraham-Hicks – my newest LOA adventure!).
ENJOY, Christiane

“Give Your Year a Theme!” by Annette Pieper

Here we are again, the beginning of the new calendar year and in the science of numerology, this year, 2011, is a “4” year which represents foundation and stability in the nine year cycle.

Resolutions are on the minds of many. I believe that it is very important to set goals, or what you aspire to achieve and where you commit to make changes at the beginning of the year and chart your course for the coming months. I like the word “aspire”. Sometimes we are resistant to the word “goals” because it sounds like we have to do work AND “aspire” brings a lighter energy to our desire for success and achievement.

Another valuable tool to incorporate at the beginning of the year is to give the year a theme. A theme allows you to set your intention for the coming year and holds the space to achieve your aspirations. Some examples would be Embracing Change, Living with Heart, Light the Fire Within, or Sharing and Caring. It could also be just one word such as Love, Joy, Transformation, Inspiration, or Service.

My theme this year is “It’s GO Time” which to me embodies years of preparation for a big year of giving myself permission to go to the next level of success, getting into action and manifesting on the physical plane.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself and tips to help you create your theme:

• Who do I want to be in 2011?

• What do I want 2011to be for me?

• What inspires me?

• What energizes me?

• What lights my inner fire?

• What goals and dreams am I currently manifesting?

• Keep your theme short; one to five words will work best.

• Feel the phrase; use words that bring up an emotional response in you.

• Think of words that describe where you are at and where you want to go.

• What words support you or inspire you?

• Let the theme come from deep inside, from your connection to source.

• Have fun with it, get creative and feel the magic of a new beginning.

Now that you have your theme, picture a space the size of a large circle in front of you. Visualize who you want to be in 2011 in resonance with your theme and when you have that vision, step into the circle space in front of you and bring in the feeling that is associated with that vision.

What emotions are in resonance with your theme? Bring those emotions and subsequent feeling into your circle. Is there a color associated with your theme? Bring the color into your circle.

Is there a sound associated with your theme? Bring the sound into your circle. Is there a symbol associated with your theme? Bring it into your circle. What about an animal guide associated with your theme or a crystal? Bring that into your circle.

When you feel that you have brought in all of the emotions, resources, sights, colors, sounds, textures and energies into your circle that represents your theme, take a deep breath in and integrate it right into your heart chakra. Bring all of that energy to your chest. Exhale. Take another deep breath in and allow the energy to fill every nook and cranny of your body. As you exhale, send your intention out into the Universe and when you’re ready, step out of your Theme circle.

Close your eyes and look out one year from today. How has your theme year unfolded? What does it look like and feel like? What were the steps that you took to get to where you are at the end of 2011? Who are the people whose lives you have touched? How has your life changed as a result of bringing your theme year to fruition? Breathe and enjoy the vision.

Know that you can access this energy anytime you desire by just visualizing the circle in front of you, step in, take a breath and bring the energy and visualization right back up.

Write your theme down and post it somewhere that is visible daily. You could also draw or paint a symbol or picture that represents your theme and post it. Verbally repeat your theme often. By writing or drawing it, saying it aloud and posting it where you can visually see it daily, you will fully integrate your theme into your life.

And now let us welcome the New Year full of things that have never been.” –Rainer Maria Rilke

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Annette Pieper

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Make sure to send us your comments and questions about your Theme for the year. Have great fun with the exercise and see you again, soon, Be well,