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Quantum NLP Practitioner Certification Training 2011   1 comment

August 20th and 21st

September 17th and 18th

October 15th and 16th

November 19th and 20th

What You Will Get
Your Quantum NLP Practitioner Certification program includes:
  • 64 hours of classroom training, covering the certification requirements
  • Training Material Binder
  • Guidance and Mentorship from specific training assistant
  • Online Study Group membership
  • Practice Sessions membership
  • One-on-one coaching discount package
  • Alumni Club membership
  • During the 64 hour Certification Training we will first visit the basic models and the General Frame of Neuro Linguistic Programming, before we dive into the Quantum world of NLP!
  • As you integrate the Quantum NLP principles you learn how to tap into your Quantum State, and develop your intuition and perception beyond the known five senses.
  • You are able to create deep connections with others and use language patterns that elevate the system to higher consciousness.
  • You call in your own council and gather resources by bridging time and space as you get to write a new chapter in your life.
  • You change beliefs by transforming and letting go of personal, ancestrial and cultural experiences that held you back in the past.
  • And you manifest your dreams by creating the appropriate support structure that helps you to accomplish your goals.
The total cost for the training is $ 1995.00, a deposit of $ 395.00 and 4 payments of $ 400.00 (starting in August and ending in November 2011).
Tuition is $ 1895.00 when signed up before July 31st, 2011.
We are proud sponsors of the “Transformation Station” in Salt Lake City, and hold our trainings at their Training Center at the 970 East Plaza, 3300 South 970 East # 2, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106, USA.
Training Time
each day from 9.30 am – 6.30 pm, 90 minutes lunch and two breaks
Training Style
The training is designed to fit your individual learning style. Your comfort is very important to us. Bring layers of clothing and your own chair or cushion if necessary, moving around the training room is encouraged. Each concept will be taught through demonstrations and exercises. Your active participation is key to the classroom experience.
Practice Sessions
Practice Sessions are free of charge and highly recommended as a way to continue to practice and refine the skills taught in the training. Attending five practice sessions is required for Certification.
Online Study Group
The online study group is free of charge for students. You will receive a weekly e-mail with a specific skill.
In addition to the trainer there are also training assistants that are here to help you to have a great experience. They have completed the program in the past, and will assist you by facilitating practice sessions, giving you useful feedback and managing the logistics. They are here to help you achieve your goals in participating, and will be acting as coach/consultants to you. They will be learning NLP along with you at a different level, and will have their own learning goals for the training.
Certification Requirements
  1. Attendance: A minimum of 56 hours of training. Missed days can be made up in later trainings. A provisional certification will be given until attendance requirement is being met.
  2. A minimum of five practice sessions.
  3. Financial completion: Certificates will be issued upon individual completion of financial agreements.
  4. Skills: Demonstration to an observer of the principles and processes of Quantum NLP, with the ability to follow a set of steps towards a desired goal.
Your Trainers
Christiane Turner
Author and International NLP Trainer, Coach, and Consultant
Christiane Turner has been perfecting her training and coaching skills for two decades and is an international NLP Trainer, Coach and Consultant. Her Audio book: Thought into Manifestation, came out in 2007 in the “Your Coach in a Box” label by Gildan Media, the book version is currently in the publishing process. Her Audio book: From personal to global transformation hit the market in 2009 and her newest project with her longtime friend and collaborator Jan Magner Treasure Mapping – with Feng Shui and NLP just got published in 2010.
Christiane is the founder of Quantum NLP LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah, which offers high integrity Training, Coaching and Consulting. She is a natural teacher – her dynamic combination of strength and gentleness helps her to lead clients and groups to break-through change. Christiane is a leader who highly values community building and has initiated and organized community projects, as for example the annual “New Consciousness EXPO” in Salt Lake City since 2005, and the “Law of Attraction Club”, which started in 2006.
Most of her extensive NLP Training was in conjunction with Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith and Robert Dilts, as she also worked at the Anchor Point Institute with Tim and Suzi during her study years. In 1995 she opened her own NLP business and became a full time NLP Trainer in 1999. Christianes’ background is in Linguistics and Banking. She just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary with her partner and husband Shawn and they have two sons, Gracen (11) and Maxian (8).
Jan Magner
NLP Trainer, Coach and Author
Jan Magner has been joyously collaborating with Christiane Turner since 1993. Their newest product “Treasure Mapping – With Feng Shui and NLP” was the result of many years of giving workshops and personal coaching sessions.
Jan loves to combine Ancient Wisdom with the modern technology of NLP, as well as the Law of Attraction.  Her dynamic, fun style works well when training groups, corporations, or one on one appointments.
Jan lives life to the fullest at the foot of the Beautiful Wasatch Mountains, in Salt Lake City, with her husband, Daughter and Son-in-Law, two grand children, two Basset hounds, and two cats!
Julie Keen
NLP Trainer, Awakening Professional
Julie Keen has been working passionately in the field of personal development for ten years. As a business owner and thriving entrepreneur, Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and application to Corporate America through practical training, and commerce consciousness. She is the founder and facilitator of Soul Purpose Prosperity, a venture that brings financial healing to the world of the healing arts.
Julie continuously refines an already dynamic skill set. She has trained under international behavioral skills experts through the NLP & Coaching Institute of California, and has been trained by Dr. Eric Pearl in Reconnective Healing. She has hands-on experience in hypnosis, and has been generously, professionally mentored by Christiane Turner. As a personal coach, Julie introduces her clients to a life-altering, signature healing modality that they can access easily, at any given moment.
Within this, she is a wife, mother of two, and caregiver to one dog, two cats and two parrots; all living consciously, abundantly, and colorfully in Ogden, Utah. Julie Keen inspires the spiritual awakening of others through electrifying seminars, workshops, products and face-to-face wellness sessions. She brings people to immediate consciousness through her vibrant window on the world.

Free QNLP Seminar Series   Leave a comment

PsyChi is the new talk in town!!! Come and learn what the buzz is all about, and experience the amazing connection between PsyChi and NLP, as you will learn about transforming CORE BELIEFS.

When: Tuesday, February 22nd, from 7.00 – 8.30 pm

Where: At the Transformation Station, 3300 South 970 East, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84106

Julie Keen, Quantum NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, along with Julia Workman, creator of i-Health’s PsyChi module, present PsyChi.

Join us for an evening of context, conversation and demonstration.

PsyChi is a process using NLP concepts directly correlating to visionary, auditory, and sensory perception.  With pulsating light frequency, one’s neurology is changed; trauma triggers are released, negative core beliefs are changed, addictions and compulsions are deleted and stress, fears and phobias dissipated.

What Does the PsyChi System Include?

  • ·         Core Belief Protocol (Wipes out patterns of self sabotage)
  • ·         Trauma Protocol, assists one through PTSD, (abuse, accidents, war, tragic loss)
  • ·         Phobia, Stress Protocol (extreme fears about future, or performance)
  • ·         Resistance Protocol (lack of motivation, depression, lack of focus)
  • ·         Addiction Protocol (supports one through recovery of addictions)

What is a Negative Core Belief?

A negative “Core Belief” is one of the innermost or bottom line destructive beliefs which is validated over and over in one’s life, through detrimental patterns either in the area of relationships, money, or health. The negative core belief was most likely formed at an early age.  A negative “core belief” is a premise, which stored subconsciously, leads to an automatic reaction, pattern or thought which potentially sabotages any aspect of one’s life.

What is the PsyChi Core Belief Protocol?

  • ·         Discovers the Negative Belief
  • ·         Eliminates the Negative Belief
  • ·         Integrates a new Truth Statement
  • ·         Unleashes  your true Potential

PsyChi was developed by Julia Workman in partnership with Mauk den Boer of I-Health located in the Netherlands.  Julia Workman has owned and operated business’s facilitating personal transformation  for over 25 years.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you at the Free QNLP Seminar series next Tuesday at the Transformation Station, Until then,
Be well,