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EXPO Update – Introducing the movers and shakers in our community:   Leave a comment

Angela Gifford and Greg Carter from the Transformation Station
Today it is my great pleasure to introduce to you the two people, who are elevating our community with their “Transformation Station”. Ever since they opened their healing and learning center on 970 East 3300 South in Salt Lake City last Summer they have hosted a multitude of classes and established a wonderful network of healers and lightworkers. Make sure to enjoy their presentation on March 12th at the EXPO.
Presenters: Angela Gifford and Greg Carter
TitleEnergize Your Goals with Movement Meditation
This class is based on a process that Greg Carter created called “Magical Movement Meditation for Magnetic Manifestation“.  It is a practical and effective way to use the Law of Attraction to get closer to your goals by incorporating powerful imagery which energizes every cell of your body.  This process combines Qigong (which means “Energy Skill”) with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) so that your dreams become a reality even more quickly and easily by getting all parts of yourself in agreement with each other.


Check out these cool examples, how NLP can help you to create a more resourceful relationship with your pet.   Leave a comment

I’m so grateful that Johanna Teresi, professional Dog Trainer from “Fourlegged Scholars” shared her expertise with the community, by teaching a seminar on how to create a more resourceful relationship with your pet. Let me give you a couple of examples of the stories that participants from the seminar shared with Johanna afterward. They show the power and importance of her work with NLP with animals and their owners. Animals truly are great teachers, and we can be so grateful, that they choose to live with us. Also, in case you couldn’t be at the seminar in person, you can still learn from Johanna’s teaching, as written below. 

In Johanna’s words:The seminar was awesome and we had a great turnout with over 20 people. It was amazing!   

I had people think of a situation with their pet that was frustrating to them. They were to take on the body sensation that they feel in this situation. Then source it back to their childhood and notice when this body feeling first started. Then they were to notice what thoughts came up in their mind from this body feeling and identify the core belief. From there I helped them change their beliefs.

I still have people come up to me and are telling how this has been life changing for them 🙂

Here are a few short examples:
One of my current clients has a deaf dog. She realized that it is no coincidence that she owns a deaf dog. She has a story that she is not heard. Learning tools on how to move past this story has created a much easier relationship with her dog. When her dog doesn’t listen to her she opens herself to a new story and her dog is now listening to her better. I have seen it and watched it. She is learning how to feel heard even when her husband and family don’t really hear her in the way she would like.

Another client that I just saw the other day: Her dogs bark frequently throughout the day. She normally yells at them and this feeds into the behavior. From the class she has learned to be more calm. She said at times she doesn’t even have to ask them to anything. She just has to stop and breathe and become calm and the dogs stop barking 🙂

One more example: A friend of mine has an aggressive dog. When her dog reacts (barks, bites people, etc.), she yells at her dog and tells him how much she disapproves of this behavior. After the class, she came up to me and said that she realized that the way she has been treating her dog is the way her family treated her when she was younger. I believe this realization will help her be more of a calm mirror for her dog.
And here is Johanna’s testimonial, how much the Quantum NLP Training has enhanced her own life and work:
“You allowing me to teach this class has changed sooo many lives!!! Thank you for believing in me. Because you allowed me to teach, many dogs, families, people, etc., lives are and will continue to be changed. You have made a HUGE difference. Because of the many techniques I have learned with you I am so much more present with my clients. Thank you for being my teacher. I am so filled with gratitude towards you!! Blessings, my dear friend and teacher!!


Johanna and my beautiful doggie, Seiki”

Afterword by Christiane:

Animals are the true masters of raising consciousness on earth, and I am deeply committed to making a huge difference in the lives of animals around the globe, on all continents. Being in China so much, my heart especially goes out to the animals on the Asian continent, and I am already changing people’s minds about animal rights, by talking to my students and clients and educating them. 
Of course it all starts at home, in my own case with the four wonderful cats who share their lives with us, and bring us constant joy, love and amazing learning opportunities. Our oldest cat is already 16 years old and our little baby is about half a year old.
I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to Johanna Teresi from “Fourlegged Scholars” for her dedication to bringing Quantum NLP to people with animals, she is doing a huge service for our community.
Dear Readers, in case you don’t have a pet at this point, consider the possibility to adopt a pet, there are so many animals out there that need our love, care and support. Check out “Best Friends” in Southern Utah or go to “No more homeless pets” in Salt Lake City, and help an animal in need. Thank you. You will be amazed, how much a pet can enrich your life and bring you love and joy beyond your wildest imagination.
Together we are making a difference in the world. Blessed be.
November 5th, 2010


Christiane Turner and
Your Quantum NLP Team
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Christiane Turner


 Much Love,

 These are the kind of words that bring tears to my eyes and fill my heart with joy. Right now, as I am teaching Quantum NLP in China, my husband Shawn and our sons Gracen and Maxian are actually in Southern Utah, volunteering at “Best Friends”, a leading non profit organization that has established the first no-kill animal shelter in the USA many years ago. Our friends Holly and John Sizemore, who moved to Southern Utah to work for “Best friends” are excellent examples of animal activists, who are walking their talk, by taking their commitment to helping animals to the next level. Right on, guys, I’m so proud of you both for taking that huge step!!!

Dealing With Fear   Leave a comment

One of the most exciting aspects of teaching is to observe your students integrate what they have learned, as they create an effective tool box for helping others. To give my readers more information on how NLP can be practically applied in everyday life, I am dedicating the next 6 months in this blog to the people in the community who make a difference in the lives of others, by combining NLP principles and techniques with their unique skills and talents in their healing practice. We will visit the whole range from health and wellness to family issues, marriage counceling, weight control, business building, NLP with kids, … and even how you can use NLP with animals.
So, to kick things off, this month we are visiting our friend Johanna Teresi from Four Legged Scholars who is committed to empowering dog owners to establish a loving and positive relationship with their dogs, by providing training and tutoring.
Enjoy Johanna’s article on how to Deal with Fear, which is a great resource for anybody with a dog… (even if you don’t have a dog, you will learn something valuable).
To learn more visit Johanna’s blog at

DEALING WITH FEAR, by Johanna Teresi

I wanted to discuss more about fear and how this emotion can help us move through training blocks with our dogs and how it can also lock training blocks in place.  Mainly I run into fear most frequently when a dog has a strong behavior issue where the owner is afraid of someone getting hurt or is afraid of embarrassment.  Of course there are more situations.How do we feed into our dog’s behavior with their fears?  Our bodies condition themselves and are good at predicting what will happen in a particular situation especially if it is based on numerous past events.  For example, if your dog reacts at other dogs when you are walking your dog, when you see another dog approaching your body may get tense and your mind may think some thoughts such as “Oh no, here we go again!”  Your dog may develop a behavior issue disregarding your actions, however our emotions can lock these behaviors in place.  If you are constantly feeling fear every time a dog approaches then your dog begins to realize that you get scared when a dog approaches!  ”Wow” your dog thinks, “This must be a scary situation then!”  You are  reassuring him that his fear is of value. 

What are some ways to believe in our dogs and be safe at the same time? Neuro-Lingustic Programming (NLP) can help wonders for fear.  This is a technique when a new neuropathway is developed in the owners brain by creating a new emotional response in a situation.  One great way to move through this is visualization.  Not just any visualization but Deep Deep visualization.  I will walk you through a process right now and if are you able after you read this, do it :) Get in a comfortable quiet place and be standing or sitting whichever feels best for you.  Close your eyes or look at a pretend screen.  Disassociate from this scene so that you don’t become physically involved in the scene.  Look at the situation or issue you are having with your dog.  Examine yourself.  What does your dog body feel like.  Scan your entire body and take in all of the areas of tension and all of the areas of relaxation.  Really examine your whole body:  Your forehead, lips, eyes, neck, shoulders, entire back, etc.  When you get a clear picture of what your body feels like, look at the actions you are doing.  What are you saying?  What motions are you doing?  What is your body overtly communicating?  Now look at your dog.  What is your dog doing?  What is his body saying?  What motions are your dog doing?  Okay add any other senses that you may want (smell, taste, auditory, etc.).  Look at the scene and ask yourself “How could I create something different?  I wonder how I could create a different response that might be more productive.”  Note any messages that you get.  When you feel complete step away from this spot and shake your body to move out these emotions.  If you feel something big coming up fully feel your sadness, anger, fear etc (Sometimes people cry.  This is okay if you do.).  Breath deep as well to let them pass through your body.

Okay now for the fun part!  Create a new scene.  This one is best to do with your eyes closed or in a way that you feel fully part of the scene :) Now take the answer to the above question “How could I create something different?” and visualize these answers in the new scene.  Fully take in how your body feels different.  Scan your entire body.  What are you doing differently?  What are you saying differently?  How is your dog reacting differently?  Take in all of your senses auditory, taste, smell, all of the colors, sights, feelings….etc.  Take the scene fully in.  When you feel complete with this move to a week a from now and notice the differences that you see in your life and your dog’ life.  Now move to a month from now…then a year…then two years…then 5 years…then 10 years…etc.  Go so far into the future that you can see, hear and feel all of the changes that are occurring as a result of these different response you have in your body, mind and spirit :) Awesome!!  You are complete with the process.

For some people there is a drastic shift from this process and for others a minor shift.  Other people may not experience anything different.  Embrace any results.  Know that you can repeat this process many times over a period of months and each time you will learn something new.

If you liked this process I will be teaching NLP processes with people and their animals on Oct 26th. Learn how your thoughts, emotions, energy, and body language all affect your pets’ response to you.  When you are in alignment, creating the reality that you want with your pet is easy!   I will guide you through some NLP processes that will encourage your pet to respond to you the way you want!  If you pet isn’t listening to you or responding the way you want this class is for you!! Contact me at Info@FourLeggedScholars or 801-463-1668 highlighting for more information on the details of the class :) Please RSVP.

Love and Light!

Johanna Teresi, Professional Dog Trainer of Four Legged Scholars LLC

Christiane Turner and
Your Quantum NLP Team
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Manifest your Dreams through effective Goal setting   Leave a comment

For over thirty years Neuro Linguistic Programming, also called NLP, has developed many processes and techniques to help people achieve excellence. All of our patterns and habits are anchored in our neurology and our language patterns reflect what is going on in our brain. For example a person who says: “I am trying to lose weight.” is actually setting themselves up for failure by HOW they are talking about their outcome. A much more positive and useful way of expressing that outcome might be something like: “I am currently achieving my perfect weight.” These little differences in how we express ourselves have huge effects when it comes to the reality we are creating.

Quantum Physics shows us clearly that we are creating our own reality. And Quantum NLP suggests that this happens through the use of our thoughts. You can also say that we become what we think. Now, the interesting fact is that a lot of people believe that they are stuck with their habits, their patterns, their limiting beliefs and whatever else they carry around with them. Quantum NLP has taught me that we can change our thought patterns, which will automatically lead to different behaviors, better habits and more empowering beliefs. I have observed it over and over again with myself, my family, my friends, my clients and students and my audiences: That we can absolutely change an aspect of our life in a meaningful manner to a new way that is holistic and lasting.
Quantum NLP is based on a very simple and at the same time profound idea. “We are all responsible for creating our own reality.” And this happens through the use of our thoughts.
My intent is to help you identify your thought patterns that create incongruence in your life. When we are not congruent and aligned, things show up, that we don’t really want, like relationships that don’t work, money issues, having an accident or getting sick.
All of these issues and problems are the direct result of people’s internal thought patterns. When I work with my clients I help them to identify their thought patterns and then we can figure out ways to replace those with more useful ones. And the beautiful thing is, it is already all available in their neurology. I love the idea that we already have all the resources and answers we need within us. It is just a matter of practicing the muscle. Just like when someone starts going to the gym, the exercises that seem so hard in the beginning are becoming easy so quickly because the muscle gets used to the workout. It is exactly the same with the neurology in your brain.
There is a famous quote that change is the only consistent in life. It is a natural part of life. Just think for a moment about the many changes you already have been through in your own life. Moving to a new house or city, visiting different schools during your education, getting in and out of relationships, marrying, having children, and much, much more. Just alone in your career path I can imagine how many changes you have had. Life is full of changes and you have gone through changes many times successfully.
Essentially, change is quite easy. It just depends on three factors:
First of all: That you really want the change.
Second: That you give yourself a chance to change.
And last: That you know how to change.
By you picking up this book I already know: first of all, that you are willing to change and secondly, that you are giving yourself a chance to change. The information I am sharing with you about the structure of change and the process I will lead you through are giving you the “Know How”, also known as the “strategy” to change.
It definitely helps to know your starting point and what it is you really want. Just like a car that is traveling from point A to point B, you need to have your point A and point B in place in order to plan a path to get to your goal.
Now it is almost time for you to fully experience in your own neurology the actual transformation of a dream into an achievable goal. We will do this by integrating the structure of effective goal setting into your neurology. Your brain always makes the best choice possible with the options and resources it has available. So when an innovative and different possibility is being offered, the brain loves the opportunity to explore new neuro pathways and with practice these pathways will become long term neuro connections. Having this new network in your brain naturally leads to integrating more empowering beliefs, behaviors and patterns.

The Importance of Specific Goal Setting   Leave a comment

Whenever we set a goal we want to make sure that it’s done in a very specific manner. The brain loves detailed directions. It’s just like when you ask someone for the way to the airport and imagine they tell you something like: “Oh, just go west til you hit it.” How satisfying of an answer would that be to you? Would you like more to hear something like: “From here just follow the street you are on until you hit the highway, go west on the highway and after about 5 miles you will see the airport to your right, follow the signs to the terminal.” Could you assume that the second description would guarantee you much greater success? I sure think so. And that’s exactly how it is with the brain. By being really specific we are so much more apt to get what we really want. Imagine the person who wants to weigh 140 pounds would say: “I just want to loose a bunch of pounds”, how guaranteed is it for them to actually end up at 140 pounds? By saying: “I want to weigh 140 pounds” the person has an achievable and measurable goal.

Make sure that your outcome is measurable. A goal like: “I want to make more money this year” is so vague and does not really give the brain a definite direction. By saying: “This year I am going to double my net income” or even better: “This year I am going to have $ 100.000 net income” we give the brain a clear and distinct goal to focus on.
I remember learning this lesson the hard way. I had been wanting a new car for a while and kept saying things like: “I just want a new car.” My wish came true when we had to evict one of our tenants and they abandoned a beat up car (with a beehive in it) in our parking lot. Was that the car I wanted? My husband is still laughing about that and sometimes when I am being too vague with my language he teases me: “Is that the car you want?” So, you better make sure that you specify exactly what you want.

Besides your outcome being measurable also make sure it’s achievable. Notice that it is the appropriate chunk size for you to deal with. “I want to be healthy” is too general and vague, it is too large of a chunk to bite off at once. Think of all the many little chunks that make up the larger one. With the example of health, some of the smaller pieces that make up general health are diet, exercise, sleeping patterns, meditation, etc. By concentrating on just one aspect at a time you give your brain a lot greater chance to integrate that one pattern before moving on to the next. That is how we create lasting change. Lets go back to our friend wanting to start their own business. That’s one huge chunk they are biting off right there. What could be some smaller goals that will naturally lead to fulfilling their dream of owning a business. Do they need education, funding, or a business plan. What is the greatest priority? What makes sense to do first. For example it does make sense to have the business plan first to then be able to create the budget.

Think of your own outcome now. Is it defined enough for you to be sure of your next steps?
All right.

State your outcome in positive towards to terms, “I want to be calm when my kids whine” versus “I don’t want to be aggressive anymore when my kids whine”, because to the brain there is no such thing as a negation. The brain takes all concepts literally and all it hears is “I want to be aggressive when my kids whine.” Again, any time when we say what we don’t want we actually tell our brain that we do want it. Just like “I don’t want to smoke”, the brain only hears “I want to smoke”. Even “I want to stop smoking” needs still a little fine tuning, because at this point the brain only knows what we want to stop doing, it does not know yet what we want to do instead. Sometimes that’s a little tough to find the positive towards to language to describe what it is we want. And, it is so important that we take that step, because remember, the brain needs specific directions to take you where you want to go. When I work with people who want to change their smoking habits I encourage them to think on the lines of “I am finding many ways of expressing my freedom” or “I am easily relaxing and breathing deeply”. Use creative ongoing present tense language like “I am creating, I am achieving, I am attracting …”. This puts your outcome in motion right now.

If your outcome includes other people make sure that you are in charge of your outcome. “I want my kids to behave” or “I want my boss to respect me” are statements that put our power in other people’s hands. People who are stuck with such outcomes have a tougher time changing themselves because they believe it’s up to the other person to make the change. Ask yourself: “What can I do to change the situation?” “How can I communicate with my kids in a way that they want to behave?” or “How can I respect myself more that it automatically reflects in my boss’s behavior towards me?” By bringing the outcome back to yourself you are claiming your own power to change. And by you changing, the environment around you automatically changes too.

I once worked with a man, lets call him John, who could not stand his in laws because of their frequent visits to his and his wife’s home. He desperately wanted them to change and he could not see his own part in the story. Once we started thinking about what goal John could set for himself in regards to this situation, he decided to be very warm and welcoming to his in laws and still maintain appropriate boundaries. It’s needless to say that the parental visits became less frequent. A huge insight helped John to make peace with his in laws and it came when we were exploring the in laws positive intent for their behavior. John started to understand that their frequent visits were a sign of their love and support for their daughter and her husband. I remember John’s smile when the realization hit him and a wave of love for his in laws came over him.

All right now, we already took some great steps in the direction of the fulfillment of your outcome. So, in summary:

Notice where you are at, what situation you want to change.
What is your positive intent for what you currently have.
What do you want instead.
Make sure your outcome is measurable and achievable, that it’s the appropriate chunk size.
Use positive, towards to language when stating your outcome.
Make sure the outcome is something you can do, even if it includes other