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WHAT IF …. Part 2   1 comment

By envisioning the kind of world we dream of, we are taking the first step in co-creating our reality.

Yes, I know there is a lot of evidence right now on earth, that things might not be going too well for humanity at this point. And still, when we look at world history, we have been at this point many times before, when humanity had to make dramatic choices to rise above circumstances, and ultimately transform. That’s just part of evolution.
So, to put the whole situation into the Quantum NLP frame, allow me to invite you to entertain a possibility that is way beyond our normal way of thinking.
See, everything humanity has ever achieved – from our humble beginnings many thousands of years ago as homosapiens, all the way to our complicated societal structures, called modern civilization – has always started out with a vision, a dream, some kind of inspiration, or desire.
Any invention ever made, every manifestation in reality, and what we consider normal (like airplanes, cell phones, or the internet), has always first started out as an idea. Someone saying: “Hey, how about doing …..” or “Hey, how about creating….”
So, for a moment, lets step into that kind of mindset. Give yourself the chance, even if it’s just for a minute, to entertain the ideas you have about the kind of world you want to see in the next five to ten years.
What are you really dreaming of? And not just the goals you have for yourself personally. I’m talking about a vision that goes way beyond yourself. Your hopes for the planet, how we as humans take responsibility of being the stewards of this beautiful earth, how we are able to live together in peace, how we educate our children, take care of the sick, etc.
Give yourself a moment, and just dream. In your vision create the kind of planet you want to be part of. The kind of future, humanity can look back on in a hundred years, and see as a point of great transformation.
“Ah, remember in the beginning of the 21st Century, the great spiritual revolution, that really changed everything, when people started to realize their amazing capacity to proactively co-create their reality …. Ah, the good old days. I wished I could have been there, because that was the most exciting time…”
Take a deep breath, allow yourself to dream, just chill out for a moment – and trust, that your vision is a major part in being able to actually create the kind of future you are dreaming of.
Always remember, that your vision is the first step in creating the reality you dream of. Have fun dreaming!!!
Christiane Turner
August 2010
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