Understanding Your Pet’s Mind — Free QNLP Seminar   Leave a comment

Tuesday, May 24th
Free QNLP Seminar
7.00 - 8.30 pm at the Transformation Station, 3300 South 970 East, Salt Lake City, USA
Presenter: Johanna Teresi from Four Legged Scholars 

"Understanding Your Pet's Mind"

Your pet is communicating to you.  Are you listening?

Learn about the feelings and thoughts that are going through your pet’s mind.    

After you have this clarity, creating what you want with your pet is much easier.   

Come and embrace a mutual loving relationship between you and your pet!

Johanna Teresi
Four Legged Scholars LLC

"Dog Training
Inspired with Love”

(801) 463-1668

Community Events


Four Legged Scholars is committed to
empowering owners to establish a positive
and loving relationship with their dogs.

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