EXPO Update – The most amazing community event is only days away.   Leave a comment


Meet our wonderful presenters.
Trish Withus is an amazing presenter and conscious channel, who will inspire and delight you in her presentation on March 12th at the EXPO.
Title: Secrets from the Other Side
Presenter: Trish Withus

Presentation: Did you ever want to know the secrets to why we are here on this planet? What you can do to fulfill your destiny and purpose in life? Well now you have the opportunity to speak with someone who communicates with the ‘other side’ on a constant basis. Not only does Trish have the ability to communicate with those that have crossed over, but with the angelic realm, masters of all shapes and sizes…and most intriguingly…that space we call Oneness. In this most extraordinary discussion, she will share with you the ‘secrets’ to why we are here, who we Truly are, where we come from and how to live the life we want most.

Bio: As a psychic medium, life coach and Reiki Master, Trish Withus has been leading people to self-discovery by guiding them to go beyond fear into Love. With her remarkable ability as a Conscious Channel, she provides her clientele with a deeply spiritual and profound journey into the depths of their own Soul, offering the magnificent opportunity for transformation of Consciousness and Self-Realization. She is the author of the most intriguing book, There Is Only Love, Conversations with Archangel Michael”, as well as several guided meditation CD’s. Trish travels the country presenting workshops and providing one-on-one readings, as well as spiritual coaching sessions to her clients.

Christiane Turner and
Your Quantum NLP Team
Quantum NLP Training, Coaching and Consulting www.quantumnlp.net
For more information call (801) 979-4799




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