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Come and enjoy charismatic presenter and group facilitator Julia Workman, original developer of the “Changing Negative Core Beliefs” Module of the I-Health PsyChi System. You are in a for a treat at her presentation on March 12th

Presenter: Julia Workman
Presentation: PsyChi is the new talk in town!!! Come and learn what the buzz is all about, and experience the amazing connection between PsyChi and NLP, as you will learn about transforming CORE BELIEFS.
PsyChi is a process using NLP concepts directly correlating to visionary, auditory, and sensory perception.  With pulsating light frequency, one’s neurology is changed; trauma triggers are released, negative core beliefs are changed, addictions and compulsions are deleted and stress, fears and phobias dissipated.
What is a Negative Core Belief?A negative “Core Belief” is one of the innermost or bottom line destructive beliefs which is validated over and over in one’s life, through detrimental patterns either in the area of relationships, money, or health. The negative core belief was most likely formed at an early age.  A negative “core belief” is a premise, which stored subconsciously, leads to an automatic reaction, pattern or thought which potentially sabotages any aspect of one’s life.
Bio: Julia Workman, in partnership with Mauk den Boer of I-Health located in the Netherlands, developed the PsyChi model.  Julia Workman has owned and operated business’s facilitating personal transformation for over 25 years.
What Does the PsyChi System Include?
-Core Belief Protocol (Wipes out patterns of self sabotage)
-Trauma Protocol,assists one through PTSD, (abuse, accidents, war, tragic loss)
-Phobia, Stress Protocol(extreme fears about future, or performance)
-Resistance Protocol(lack of motivation, depression, lack of focus)
-Addiction Protocol(supports one through recovery of addictions) 

What is the PsyChi Core Belief Protocol?
-Discovers the Negative Belief
-Eliminates the Negative Belief
-Integrates a new Truth Statement
-Unleashes your true Potential


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