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Let us introduce our exciting presenters
You definitely want to meet Sharon Aaron, and experience our local Presentation and Communication Wizard from Toastmasters in action. Come and learn from Sharon during her presentation at the New Consciousness EXPO on March 12th.
Title: So, You Want to Share Your Message With the World? What You Learn Today You Can Use Tomorrow!!
Presenter: Sharon Aaron

Presentation:  Entrepreneur or networker, shy or charming, public speaker or book study leader, everyone needs speaking skills they can use to share their message with the world. Whether the message is large or small, whether your audience is one person or a thousand, you have to be able to get past the fear of getting up and telling about it. Knowing how to keep the nerves at bay, how to best organize what you have to say, and learning about resources that are there to assist you in communicating can make all the difference in getting that message out.  These subjects will be explored with the group in an interactive presentation. You will come away with valuable information that you can use the next time you need to communicate your message.

Bio: Sharon Aaron began a Toastmaster/speaker journey in the year 2000 to help bolster her confidence and self-esteem when a job layoff was eminent. She found that Toastmasters offered much more than lessons in speaking and communications, as leadership opportunities seemed to call her to action. Over her membership years, she has held many offices at both the club and district levels. Currently, Sharon is a DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), she is the PRO (public relations officer) for Toastmasters District 15, and the president of Salty Tongues Toastmaster Club. Sharon was named Toastmaster of the Year 2008-2009. She has enjoyed lasting friendships as well as challenging responsibilities through this affiliation. Sharon now uses every available opportunity to share these important skills with others through presentations and workshops. She is always ready to speak to any group about communications and leadership. Her website and monthly newsletter are available online.

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