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Meet our presenters at the New Consciousness Expo, who introduce the community to a diverse mixture of transformation modalities. Today we would like to introduce Mary J. Bevan, who inspires with her personal healing story. Make sure to connect with her at the EXPO and visit her presentation on March 12th.
Presentation Title:Diary From The Last Days: A Holocaust Of The Soul
Presenter: Mary J. Bevan

Presentation: A holocaust of the soul is when the soul has been lost and is seeking reconnection with its healed self. Join author, Mary Josephine Riddle (Bevan) as she shares her story of victimization of psychic and ritual abuse resulting in a lifetime of suicidal attempts. It is a journey of healing with her last move to Alaska where her search for TRUTH and overcoming FEAR culminated in finding her ‘soul’ and the ‘healing powers within’.

Bio: After meditation and next to enjoying Mother Nature, the most important thing to Mary is a good conversation with no barriers. Fourth in a family of twelve children, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 3rd, 1949, she has lived throughout the United States. In 1998, after 20 years in religion and in and out of therapist and doctors offices, she opened up to alternative health and wellness. Embracing the metaphysical and New Age consciousness movement assisted her healing journey and the ability to share her story. Her favorite quote is “a mind once stretched by a new idea never returns to its original dimension”. Her website is:


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