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It is our honor and privilege to have Dr. Dean Allen as one of our presenters and exhibitors since the first EXPO in 2005. Make sure to join his presentation on March 12th at the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS EXPO in Salt Lake City.
Title: CONSCIOUSNESS: The Only Elegant Solution to Human Problems
: Dean G. Allen, PhD

Presentation: Dr Allen’s presentation is about INSIGHTS discovered from an INFRARED SCIENCE of organ/gland CONSCIOUSNESS that he has used with 1000’s of clients for the past 23 years. The opening insight is that LIFE is an ENERGY GAME about playing our (23 organ/gland emotional & mental Life-force energies) TOOLS so they (we) align with the (Laws/Ways/Tao of energy) RULES that give us our Personal Power! 
He will discuss how only CONSCIOUSNESS for the RULES & TOOLS of our GAME OF LIFE can allow us to receive the POINTS we seek and avoid the PENALTIES of UNCONSCIOUSLY programmed TOOLS that don’t know the RULES that define how our energy game of LIFE actually works.
Bio: Dr Allen has a PhD in clinical psychology and works individually with clients to connect the dots between their CURRENT life problems and their PAST unconscious programming. This work is about becoming conscious enough, quick enough to make decisions that create new SOLUTIONS instead of old problems.
Dr. Allen is also the Executive Producer of a NEW TV show out of Denver that begins April 4, 2011 called THE CONSCIOUS VIEW, which uncovers the CONSCIOUS VIEW of UNCONSCIOUSLY caused human PROBLEMS and SOLUTIONS. See more about Dr Allen at and


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