Looking for Exhibitors for New Consciousness Expo 2011   Leave a comment

We have a great venue, made some changes to make the EXPO even more accessible to the public, AND – most importantly for YOU – have lowered the booth prices to $79 per space, to make participation even more attractive to our exhibitors.


Please click this link http://quantumnlp.net/ncesignup.html to register for a booth.

Participation in this event is first come, first served!  Once you have registered and paid on-line, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with the EXPO layout.  At this time, if you have registered as an exhibitor, you will have the opportunity to choose your space! 

Once you register, you will receive an invitation to participate in a special EXPO training by our Community Award Recipient 2011, Sylvia Nibley from www.GrowYourBusinessOrganically.com. We are very grateful for her gracious offer, and are sure you will learn a lot to help you prepare for the EXPO. 

Make sure to register right away, as we only have 38 spaces to fill.  Last year we had almost 50 exhibitors, and we ended up a little crowded. This time we are maxing out at 38 booths.  

We are already very much looking forward to hearing from you, and meeting you soon at the EXPO on March 12.

Your EXPO organization team!
Christiane Turner

Jan Magner

Donna Wysinger



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