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Because I am so passionate about our QNLP Community it is my great joy to support the students of Quantum NLP who are enhancing the lives of others with their special talents in their respective businesses and endeavors. One of the ways I can do this is by sharing their expertise with the global community. Make sure to read the wonderful article by Elle Eyre we posted a couple of weeks ago and commit yourself to living your life joyously in 2011. The more you experience JOY in your life, the more you are able to share JOY with those around you.
You can find the article “JOY RISING” right under Elle’s testimonial about Quantum NLP.
Christiane Turner

“As a life strategies coach and trainer I am always looking for technologies that will enhance the client’s experience and fit my creative style of coaching. I was so excited to test the Quantum NLP techniques with clients as I found them to be fun, easy, very efficient and exceptionally effective throughout my certification training. I have found that clients receive an immediate result as I use Quantum NLP technology to assist them in working through issues and resolve conflicts  that are keeping them from living life as effectively as they would like. Clients have reported residual effects as the Quantum NLP processes continue to work long after their session is over. I love how using this technology has made my job easy and effortless. I am also impressed with how it works for all learning types as the processes can be adapted for the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner making it easy to customize the client’s experience. The client works through issues using fun and innovative processes which involve all of the senses to retrain the mind’s view of situations and circumstances, increasing the efficiency of the four modes of functioning; sensing, feeling, thinking and acting. By increasing the clients consciousness about the way the mind works to create results they gain more control over what happens in their lives and directly affecting their contribution to the world at large. I feel that this work is vital and that Quantum NLP training is an essential technology to progress any practice that involves teaching people to create permanent change in their lives.”

Elle Eyre
LYFE Strategies Coach
LYFE Empowered

JOY RISING by Elle Eyre

If man was created to have joy then where is it and how can I get some? When life is life-ing joy often gets lost between the cracks of the everyday. When joy and passion are not present in our everyday lives, feelings like doubt, despair, frustration, anger and disappointment can creep in and steal happiness right out from underneath us. Then, before we know it, we are asking ourselves why we are here, wondering what the purpose of this whole thing we call “life” is, and our identity becomes confused with daily routines, work, children, friends and possessions which leave us wanting for more.

Esther Hicks says, “The most important thing is that you feel good.” When we “feel good”, we are sending out a vibrational beacon to all things that match the frequency of our vibration, much like a radio signal being picked up by a car stereo. When the stereo is tuned just right, we are delighted by the sound of beautiful music through the speakers. When we are out of alignment with the signal that matches our favorite radio station, we get static or overlapping waves that are confused and garbled.

Untangling our identity, or coming into alignment with the frequency of our favorite radio station, object, feeling, circumstance or situation is possible by retraining the way we think or process external input. Our minds are continually taking in input that we are categorizing and connecting to events, feelings, situation, and circumstances, which is how we make decisions about what to do; we call this judgment, frame of reference, experience, or conditioning. Our bodies are complex and beautiful energy systems tuned into different vibrational frequencies. Anyone who has ever experienced tension in a room so thick you could cut it with a knife has experienced the frequency of “tension” through the emotional energy system. What we do with that information happens quickly based upon “experience.” We connect the information about the tension with the images, words, actions, smells, sounds, textures, and temperatures of the event we walked into, store it in the brain and resource it as a whole or in parts when making judgments and choices in similar circumstances.

At times, we feel things that we do not like and wish we could change but feel helpless or held hostage by our emotions. Knowing how your body is receiving, storing and recalling information is the key to change. Our minds are pliable, teachable and trainable, seemingly automatic responses to input can be retrained to give us new results simply and with a little practice. I remember when my granddad taught me how to drive a stick shift. He took me out to a seldom driven dirt road in his little white truck. His instructions to me were simple, to go I needed to push on the brake, push in the clutch, put the car into first gear then slowly let out the clutch while gradually accelerating. To stop the instructions were easier. I was to take my foot off the accelerator, push in the clutch, and pull the truck out of gear then push on the brake gradually until I came to a stop. He had me begin the stopping process well before the stop sign and in my mind’s eye; the image I see is one of a stop sign about the distance of a semi-truck and trailer away from my location in the truck. Now that I am practice in the skill of manual driving this process is smooth, effortless, and automatic. I have a similar experience with my route home. I moved recently and one afternoon after completing some errands, I began the trek home. My new place is not far from my old one and the shops I frequent are the same. I was busy checking phone messages and returning calls when I came to a stop right in front of my old place. I got a good laugh as you might imagine. I had taken this route from the shops so many times in the past that it was deeply conditioned in my mind. I am almost embarrassed to tell you that this was not the last time this happened. I recognize that due to the distractions I was allowing as I was driving that I set myself on auto-pilot to get home. I needed to be more aware or conscious about my choices to get myself to my new place and retrain my brain to get there on auto-pilot. Our emotional navigation system can also be trained to get us to our desired destination as we are willing to recondition its auto-pilot.

Here are some simple manual driving instructions for you to practice. First, consider what you would like to be feeling most of the time. Next, connect with how you are currently feeling. Notice everything about it, Use all of your senses to identify it and locate it in your body. Remember a time when you felt the way you would like to feel. Notice everything about it and fill your body and mind with this feeling. What color is it? Now imagine getting out of bed tomorrow morning and feeling everything about this new feeling and notice how there is a tint of color to your world. As you move through the next weeks, months, and years you notice that the world seems more joyful, vibrant and effortless. Gently open your eyes and notice what you feel in your body. Anytime you wish to recall this feeling simply imagine being drench with the beautiful color you chose to represent this feeling and it will come back to you as a flood.

Live BiG to Give BiG,


Excerpt from the BIG LYFE DESIGN (c) workshop series by Elle Eyre, Emotional Intelligence.





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