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When I started my company Quantum NLP LLC a few years ago,I had no clue about using the Law of Attraction specifically in building my business. I had heard about the Law of Attraction and used it in my personal life for little things like attracting the good parking spot or that the friend I was just thinking about would call me. I would even do little games like asking the universe to arrange all the traffic lights on my way to downtown so they would be all green. Sometimes that even worked.

Then, I started to understand the magnificent implications of using the Law of Attraction as an ongoing way of thinking and living, not just a haphazard “here and there kind of approach”. THE SECRET beautifully brought home the idea that we can have anything anytime, no matter how big or impossible our wish might seem. I now know deeply that anything any of us could ever dream of is possible. Just by dreaming it we put that energy into the collective consciousness and thereby raise the vibration. Taking all of that magnificence and applying it to building my business has been the best decision I could have ever made as an entrepreneur and business owner.

By taking the principles of the Law of Attraction and integrating them into my business strategy and everyday administration and marketing, I have increased the profitability of my business manifold while working a lot less then I before. As I am learning the principles and apply them in different ways I am having great learning experiences to what works. Some of these principles include the idea, that instead of imagining myself to go out there into the world and do and create and achieve (which is the more masculine approach, when we look at it from a ying/yang perspective), I also honor the feminine attraction principles, where I stand still and let the perfect people, resources, contracts and money come to me.

Do this as a visualization and imagine everything you desire to just come to you. It’s a great way to activate other parts of the brain in our attraction efforts. Also, I like to use positive affirmations. Here the key is to get into that space of gratefulness and love first, then put your intent out to the universe.

By starting to use these two basic and easy principles, magic will happen for you quickly in your business. Be deliberate and do this frequently as the consistent activity will help your brain create the neurology to support the behaviors you want.

I wish you great success in using the Law of Attraction in your business,

Christiane Turner

Author of “Quantum NLP – Thought into Manifestation” International NLP Trainer


Posted July 27, 2010 by quantumnlp in Quantum NLP

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