“The universe never gives us more than what we can handle!”   1 comment

Visiting my family in Germany, after a full week of chilling out, sleeping in, reading novels (yes, that’s right! Clive Cussler instead of another book on human behavior bla bla…), taking naps, staying up til 3.00 am to talk with my loved ones – and pretty much just doing what I want, and not what I think I should do ….
Today it finally became clear, as the feelings started translating into words, that I could understand with my conscious mind:
All the “outer” success we achieve as humans, like in our marriage, as parents, in our work, financially, society, etc., is only there to help us to really start looking at ourselves. Those outer successes are just the bridge to encourage us to create the “inner” success, a feeling of peace, harmony and understanding – no matter what’s going on around us.
Many years ago I read, that the universe gives us never more than what we can handle. I have used that line countless times in my NLP practice with my clients. Today I gave myself the same gift, when thinking about the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. I know with all my heart and every fiber of my being, that together we can transform this tragedy. Because, again: The universe gives us only what we can handle. As a single person, a nation or even all of humanity.
We can’t change the world by going out to change the world. What we can do is to transform ourselves. And that in the end effect does change the world.
Blessed be,

Christiane Turner
May 18th, 2010


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One response to ““The universe never gives us more than what we can handle!”

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  1. True that sister. It is happening on an amazing level. I can’t wait to connect. I only have 10 weeks left until graduation and NLP practioner I will be. Fun and amazing things are happening! God Speed

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